Scheduling Emails
From the Dashboard tab, you can open the Set Up Email modal for each of your dashboards. This modal contains options to configure how and when your emails get sent out to each of your customers.
When emails for your dashboard are sent out, they are sent to each of the end users you've set up for your end user groups. The dashboard is populated with the data for the corresponding end user group. See the end user api documentation for more information about how to configure end users.
Note that you must have end users configured for your team's end user groups in order for emails to be sent.

Email Frequency

There are three options available for email frequency: daily, weekly, and monthly. The daily frequency sends emails out every day at the given time, the weekly frequency sends out each week on the specified day at the given time, and the monthly sends out on the given occurence of the specified day at the given time.
Weekly Frequency Options
Monthly Frequency Options

Sending a Test Email

To view what your dashboard will look like in an email, you can send a test email by supplying an email address in the test email box and hitting "Send Test." A test email will populate the dashboard with a random end user group's data and will send to the email address you supply.