Explo allows you to export dashboards, charts, reports, and more as CSVs, PDFs, PNGs, and XSLXs. These exported files are temporarily stored in Explo’s S3 bucket as a landing zone for your customers to download the files from.

S3 Security

THe S3 bucket that is used has an object expiration of 7 days set to the entirety of the bucket. This means that after 7 days, the file temporarily stored in S3 will be permanently deleted. The files are encrypted at rest in S3.

Bring Your Own S3 bucket

Your team can also optionally provide your own S3 bucket for Explo to export files temporarily to. Please contact Explo support to help you set this up. We will need the following from you:

  • Folder name
    • This prefixes the download file names
  • Bucket name
  • Region
  • Access Key ID & Secret Access Key
    • These keys need to have put_object permissions on your S3 bucket