Whitelisting your domain
Reach out to our team to whitelist your domains before embedding Explo dashboards
You will need to whitelist your development, staging, and production domains in Explo to enable the embedded component to communicate with our API. For development purposes, we have localhost on ports 3000, 3001, 3002, 6700, 8080 whitelisted already.
To add a whitelist rule, go to the Domain Whitelisting section of the settings page. There'll you'll see a list of all the rules your team has added, as well as both a button to add more rules and a text input field that you can use to test a url against your rules.
The following are notes about how Explo whitelisting works:
  • Explo's whitelist supports both hardcoded domains and domains that use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard
    • https://testing.explo.co and https://*.explo.co will both whitelist https://testing.explo.co, but the second rule would also whitelist https://staging.explo.co
  • A wildcard only applies to a single subdomain (the portion of a url between two periods)
    • https://*.*.explo.co would whitelist https://site.testing.explo.co, but https://*.explo.co would not
  • Wildcards can also be mixed with hardcoded text within a subdomain
    • https://explo-*.co whitelists https://explo-testing.co and https://explo-staging.co
  • The www is not required for the whitelist rules
    • https://explo.co whitelists both https://www.explo.co and https://explo.co
  • You must include a protocol (http or https) in your whitelist rule, and this cannot be wildcarded
If you want to whitelist ALL domains to view your dashboards, you can add * as a rule
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