Explo is rolling out a new data orchestration service to our customers. There’s a lot of benefits including:

  • Persistent database connection management, eliminating connection latency for queries (connection and SSH tunneling time)
  • Longer timeouts configurable for queries
  • Querying databases within a certain region of the world for data residency requirements and speed optimizations
  • Soon: new network connectivity options beyond public networking and SSH tunneling

Rollout Status

As of June, 2024:

  • Currently there are 30+ customers on the new connector
  • More traffic goes through the new connector compared to the old connector

How to Migrate

1. IP Allowlisting

To prepare for this, you will need to adjust your IP allowlisting for your databases (and SSH bastions if you use one) to include two new IPV4 addresses. More details here, including all of our egress IPs for all of our infrastructure. For brevity, these are the new addresses to be added (please keep the existing):

Note that there is a chance these have already been added by your team.

2. Contact the Explo support team to switch you over.


  • We’ve also talked about it a bit on our engineering blog if you’d like to read more.
  • Here is a slide that we presented with a partner showing one customer’s speed-up (your results may vary of course). Data Orchestration Results
  • Here is a talk that Gary (co-founder) gave about the query service