Table Does Not Exist

When viewing tables from the Manage Data page, you may have encountered an error:

The data source you are viewing is incompatible with its schema. This is likely because you have added a data source to a schema, but the data source does not contain all tables defined by the default data source of the schema.

Frequently, this error occurs when you’re attempting to query a table using a data source that doesn’t contain that table. Tables are generated for a schema when you choose a default data source for that schema, and it is assumed that all data sources you connect to that schema contain all of these tables.

Because all queries for a schema are expected to be able to run against all data sources connected to that schema, we treat the default data source’s synced tables as the source of truth for that schema.

How do I resolve this?

If you do not need the table synced to Explo, resolving this is as easy as resyncing tables for that schema and not including this table. See Sync New Tables for more information.

Otherwise, you must consider either adding the data source to a different schema or adding that table to your data source. Note that all queries for a schema should run against all data sources in that schema, so any queries you have that use this table would not work for any customers that are associated with the data source.