Adding a Schema

To add a schema, you must create a new data source and associate it with that schema. On the Data tab, click the “Add Data Source” button to add a new data source. As part of this flow, you will see a ‘plus’ sign next to the schemas dropdown, which you can click to enter a schema name. This data source will automatically be assigned as the default data source for your new schema, and you will be prompted to sync tables on connection to the data source.

Managing Schema

To manage schema, navigate to the Data tab and click the Manage Schemas button. From here, you can edit the names of your schema, change the default data source, and delete your schema.

When changing the default data source for a schema, it is recommended that you then sync tables for that data source again.

Deleting a schema is an operation that should only be done if absolutely necessary. When you delete a schema, all data sources linked to that schema will be deleted. Because these data sources may be powering queries in your dashboards, you cannot delete a schema that has any datasets linked to that schema. You must first manually delete those data sets from the Dashboard editor before deleting the schema itself.