Shared Data Tab Options Across Chart Types

The following are shared section across most charts. For a full list of data options for a specific chart, navigate to the page for that chart type.

Chart Type

This section contains the variations of each chart type, and from here, you can change the chart type of the current chart that is being editted. For example, if in the dashboard edit mode you pull a bar chart onto the dashboard, this section of the data tab will allow you to select a specific type of bar chart, grouped, horizontal, etc.

When swapping between chart types, if the data configuration is compatible with the new chart type, the data configuration will be transfered. Otherwise, it will be cleared, and the chart will need to be built again from scratch.

For tables (data, pivot, and collapsible list), it is not possible to switch chart types, so this section will not appear on the data tab.


This section allows for filtering a single chart. In this section, you select a column from the dataset that you would like to filter the chart on, as well as an operator and a value to compare against the column.

The operator type will depend on the type of selected column, e.g. numerical column will allow operators such as >, <, etc. The value section can be a manual input, such as a hardcoded string or number, or it can take in a variable input, such as a field from a dropdown on the dashboard.

The variable input option will only be enabled if there is a UI element on the dashboard that has a compatible type.