Shared Format Tab Options Across Visualizations

The following are shared sections across most visualizations. For a full list of formatting options for a specific chart, navigate to the page for that chart type.

  • Title: This is the text that will appear at the top of the chart.
  • Tooltip: This tooltip will appear to the right of the title. It can be used to add a description to the chart.

Enable Download

You can choose to enable downloading for all charts, except KPIs. The toggle to the right of this section header is used to control this.

  • Download file name: The name of the file that is downloaded can be configured in this section. The default name is the name of the data panel.


This tooltip appears when hovering over a section of a chart, e.g. a bar in a bar chart. The tooltip gives details of the bar at the hover point.

  • Show percentage values: This option adds the percentage breakdown of the bar or line for each y axis value at the given x axis value.


  • Color Palette: The color palette for a specific chart can be specified with this section here. You can select a palette from the list of pre-populated palettes, as well as edit these palettes or create new palettes from scratch.

This section, if toggled on, will display a button at the top right corner of the chart that links to another url.

  • URL: This is the external url that the chart will navigate to. This link must be prefaced with https://.
  • Open in New Tab: This toggle will determine if the link that is opened when the button is clicked opens in the same tab or in a new tab.

No Data Configuration

This is the text that will appear in a panel if there is no data returned for a specific chart. This section will allow you to configure what the panel looks like in this state.

  • Hide Chart Icon: This toggle can be used to show or hide the chart icon on the empty panel.
  • No Data Text: This is the text that will appear on a panel that has no data. The default is “No Data”.
  • Text Size: This section will allow you to specify the text size of the No Data Text.