In Datasets

All variables are contained in double curly brackets {{ }}, Explo will recognize any text in-between curly brackets in your SQL query as a variable.

Double square brackets [[ ]] are used for where clauses with variables such that if there is no variable selected, Explo will ignore the code between the square brackets.

All variable clauses must be placed inside square brackets.

Example of where clause using a variable in square brackets:

[[WHERE field1 = {{element1}}]]

When filtering by 2 different fields, you can use the syntax below to contain the “and” in the square brackets. The 1 = 1 is required here otherwise there will be an incomplete clause statement if neither filter is configured.

WHERE 1=1 [[and field1 = {{element1}}]]
					[[and field2 = {{element2}}]]

In Data Panels

Instead of writing SQL to filter your datasets, you can filter specific data panels by variables directly. To do this, drag the field you want to filter into the Filter section. Then select the Variable option for the filter value input:

Filtering a chart by date

You will then have the option to select the variable defined on the page that you want to filter by. You will only be shown options for variables that are the correct type. For example, if you are filtering a date field, we will only show you date-picker variables.

Now when the date picker is used, the data panel will filter down its data to the selected range!

In JS Events

Update variables with outgoing JS events. Learn more about outgoing JS events, like updateExploDashboardVariable here.

Data Panel Built-In Variables

KPI Trend

The following variables can be used in the KPI panel’s Subtitle field.

The final result where the variables are replaced with the actual dates

Using both variables in the subtitle field

{{current_period}}This is the current period of data that will be used as the basis for comparison e.g. Jun 11 - Aug 12
{{comparison_period}}This is the period that the current_period is compared to for calculating the trend e.g. July 9 - Jun 10

Text Component and Other Fields

Variables can be used to replace static text and values in a variety of components and fields. Reference variables the same way you do in the dataset editor.

  • Text components
  • Chart titles
  • Goal lines
  • Progress goal totals