Embedded Component

When you embed an Explo Dashboard using an embedded component, you can pass in variables directly which are then available anywhere in the dashboard that accepts variables.

    element1: 'value',
    element2: 'value2',

As demonstrated above, you can pass in a set of key value pairs that define new variables that you can use in your dashboard. Full documentation for the embedded component can be found here.

URL Parameters

On any page that loads an Explo dashboard, such as with the embedded component, an iframe URL, or the share URL, Explo looks at the URL to see if any variables are defined there.

For example, the following URL: https://example.co/reports?dropdown-1=%22BAR_CHART%22

The Explo dashboard will take dropdown-1 as a variable and use the associated value.

To test the variables that may be passed in via URL, look at the Variables tab of the Debugger Panel. All variables must be URL encoded into the url when passed in. Below is an example dashboard and the associated variables that may be passed in via URL: