These elements are defined in 3 categories: Controls, Export, and Display.

  • Drag and drop these UI Elements onto your dashboard to use them.

  • To edit a UI element, double-click on the component and the editor will appear in the left side panel.

Adding a new UI Element

Drag a component onto the canvas to add it to your dashboard.

Adding new components is easy! Simply drag the component onto the canvas to get started. You will see a hovering shadow, indicating where the component will go when you drop it.


You can now filter charts directly from the UI elements.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Setup page to see the configuration options. With the setup process, you will setup the following relationship:
Selected Field Operator UI Element Value
Some concrete examples:
ecommerce_order_shipment_date is between date range
category_field is in multiselect dropdown values
And so on…
The configuration process is below.

First, select your operator.

At this point, the charts on the dashboard will tell you that you need to Select a Field that the operator applies to.

You can now select the field and which charts you want the filter to apply to.

You will then get the message from the chart that the filter is configured.

And now you have a filter configured for the charts!