What is Editable Dashboard Sections?

Explo built Editable Dashboard Sections in response to three problems:

  1. You want to show certain charts to certain users, but not others, without needing to create multiple dashboards
  2. You want to allow your users to pick from templates to show on their personalized dashboards
  3. You want to allow your users to rearrange and resize charts

Editable Dashboard Sections is a section of your dashboard where your users can drag charts around and add or remove charts from their view based on their permission levels, tackling all three problems at once.

Configuring Editable Dashboard Sections

Enable Editable Dashboard Sections via the toggle in the top left of the dashboard page.

The section is now available at the bottom of your dashboard. To begin creating charts for the Editable dashboard sections, click into the Editable Dashboard Section.

Adding and Editing a Chart

Click ‘Add a Chart’. Now, you can begin creating the chart, exactly how you would with the traditional dashboard experience.

To edit a chart, simply click on the chart and begin editing.

User Permissions

To edit the user permissions on a chart, click the three dots and ‘Edit’. From there, you can change the group tag that the chart is associated with. Each customer can be associated with a Group Tag within the customer object. Typically, group tags will take the form of groups such as Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Leadership, etc.

Edit Default Layout

To add/remove a chart from the default layout, click on the three dots and click ‘Add to default layout’ or ‘Remove from default layout’. Only charts available to all customers can be added to the default layout.

End User Configuration of Section

Adding/Removing Charts

Within an Editable Section, a user can click the ‘Add’ button to see the charts on the Editable Dashboard Section and additional templates available to them. From there, they can toggle whether or not to show these charts.

Moving Charts around and Resizing Charts

Within an Editable Section, when a user clicks the ‘Edit’ button, they can click on a chart then move the chart around or resize the chart from the bottom right hand corner.


Q: By default, which charts are shown to my users?

A: All charts showing in the dashboard preview in the editing experience will show to your users, as long as they are permissioned to ‘All Users’ and were added via the “Add to default layout” option. Otherwise, the charts will show up in the template section.

Q: How are the dashboard edits saved?

A: The dashboards are saved to the customer in Explo. For enabling Editable Dashboard Sections, we would recommend utilizing the Explo hierarchy. In this model, you will continue to have your existing customers, but can now add sub customers (typically ‘users’) that can inherit the property of their parent. In this way, Explo will automatically save dashboard sections at the user level.