What it does

This element allows for you to create sharing and export options for your users on your dashboard.

When the element is added to the dashboard, it looks like:


Configuration panel for dropdown select

Basic Configuration

Configuration OptionDescription
Button LabelSpecify the label of the share button users will see
Popover TitleSpecify the title when someone selects “Share to Web”
Popover SubtitleSpecify the subtitle when someone selects “Share to Web”
Share Link ToggleSpecify whether users can “Share to Web”
Share Page TitleSpecify the title of the webpage users with the share link see in their browser tab when visiting the page
Enable Password ProtectionSpecify a password is required to see the share link page
Enable Username ProtectionSpecify a username is required to see the share link page
Enable Image DownloadSpecify whether users can download an image via the share link
Enable PDF ExportSpecify whether users can download a PDF
Download file nameSpecify the filename users will see when downloaded