Types of Variables
Customer Object

Customer objects can be referenced as a variable in:

  • Dataset queries
  • Text components
  • Chart titles
  • Goal lines
  • Progress goal totals

Customer image Customer specific variables that are created on the customers page or via the API can be referenced. These variables are all automatically set based on the customer viewing the data.

In order to filter down data to a specific customer, a few variables are provided:

  • customer_id : This is the given provided_id when you create a customer.

  • customer_name : This is the name provided when the customer is created.

  • customer.* : All variables passed in the properties object when the customer is created are accessed through this format. So for example if you have a key in the properties object called filter_value then you can access that value by using customer.filter_value.

Customer variable names including customer, customer_id, and customer_name are reserved and cannot be used for dashboard elements or custom variables.

To learn more about how to set these variables when creating the customers, reference our customer API docs here.