Supported charts

  • KPI
  • KPI Progress
  • KPI Trend (with trend lines hidden)



This specifies the format of the KPI value. The options are: number, number with significant digits, dollar, percentage, and time (days, hours, etc).

Decimal Places

This specifies the number of decimal places on the KPI value.

Significant Digits

This specifies the number of significant digits that should be used, in the case that the format is Abbr.

Time Format

This specifies the time format if the format of the KPI value is time. The options are: Standard, Abbreviated, and Custom.


This specifies a numerical multiplier for the KPI value.


This specifies a unit for the KPI value, e.g. hours, people, etc.

Include Unit Padding

This specifies if there is space between the KPI value and the unit. For something like g for grams, this should be toggled off. But for something like hours, it may make sense to have padding.

Text Format

This specifies if additional formatting should be applied to the KPI value, either bold or italics.

Image to Display Next to Value (only for KPI/KPI Progress)

An image can be displayed next to the KPI value by inputting an image URL in this section.

Value Alignment (only for KPI Trend)

This specifies the horizontal alignment of the KPI Trend value when trend lines are hidden.