Supported Charts

  • Area Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Box Plots
  • Bar Funnel Charts
  • Heat Maps
  • Line Charts
  • Scatter Plots
  • Spider Charts

Configuring the X Axis

Axis Title

This text will go below the X Axis (or above if the axis is placed on the top of the chart).

Axis Placement

This specifies the placement of the X Axis - either Bottom or Top. The default placement is Bottom.

Date Format

This specifies the format of the dates on the X axis. Learn more about date formats here.

Axis Line

This specifies if the X Axis appears at all. By default, this is turned on. If turned off, the labels, ticks, and title will not appear.

Axis Ticks

This specifies if the ticks pointing down from the X Axis at each category on the axis are present. By default, this is turned on.

Axis Labels

This specifies if the labels for each category of the X Axis are present. By default, this is turned on.

Reverse Axis

This allows you to flip the order of the categories on the X Axis.

Show Total Values (area, bar, line, spider chart only)

This specifies if values at each point on the chart are displayed. If the chart is too small to display all values, some will be omitted so the chart remains readable.

Max Categories (bar and spider chart only)

This section limits the number of categories that are displayed on the X Axis.

Show Bar Values (bar chart only)

This specifies if the values for each bar are displayed on the bar. These values will appear directly on the bar rather than above the bar, which can be achieved by turning on Show Total Values.

Bar Corner Radius (bar chart only)

This specifies the roundedness of the corners of the bars in a bar chart.

Enable Scroll Bar (bar chart only)

This specifies if a scroll bar should be enabled when the number of categories on the X axis is too big.

Hide Data From Latest Period (bar, line, area chart only)

In the case of timeseries data on the X Axis, this specifies if data from the most recent period should be excluded from the chart, potentially because the most recent period is incomplete.