Data Configuration


This section specifies the rows of the collapsible list. This section supports multiple fields. Additional fields will appear nested beneath the each value in the precending field.


This section specifies the aggregated columns of the collapsible list. This sections also supports multiple fields. Each field in this section will appear as a separate column in the collapsible list. Available aggregations for these sections include Count, Count Distinct, and Sum.


Read about the Filter section here.


Read about the Header section here.

Read about the Footer section here.

Show Categories

This toggle turns on category labels for each row in the first column of the collapsible list. In this section you can edit what the labels are in order to ensure they are human readable.

Category Column Title

This section specifies a column title for the first column header of the collapsible list.

Column Names

This section allows edits of the columns headers for the aggregation columns of the collapsible list.


This section contains formatting for the collapsible list categories, the values in the first column. Formatting for these cells is only available for numerical categories. There will be a carat by any rows that are numerical and therefore can be formatted.

Read more about numerical formatting options here.


  • Sorting: This specifies if sorting is configurable. If sorting is toggled on, each category will appear in this section, and there will be a dropdown that can be used to specify which column to use for sorting for that category, as well as the sort order, ascending or descending.

This section also contains formatting for the collapsible list columns. Each column will appear with numerical formatting options. You can read more about the formatting options here.

No Data Configuration

Read about the No Data Configuration section here.