Data Configuration

Chart Type

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Define what Values are aggregated on. When multiple rows are specified, a collapsible list dropdown is automatically applied. An example input here could be ‘Salesperson Name’, which would create a row for each salesperson. Multiple rows could be ‘Region’ followed by ‘Salesperson Name’, which would create a collapsible list of regions and the salespeople within them.


The values aggregated by Rows and Columns. An example input here could be ‘Sum’ on ‘Contract Value’.


Defines an additional parameter to calculate the Values on that shows up as columns in the table. For example, this could be ‘Month’ on ‘Contract Date’ to get columns for each month. For example, we could calculate total sales by salesperson by month by putting a ‘Month’ aggregation on ‘Contract Date’ in the columns section, ‘Salesperson Name’ in the rows, and ‘Sum’ on ‘Contract Value’ in the Values section.

It is possible to have multiple rows and multiple values


Read about the Filter section here.


Read about the Header section here.

Column Formatting

You can set the title of the aggregation for each Value.

Additionally, you may format the values. Read about the Value Formatting section here.

No Data Configuration

Read about the No Data Configuration section here.

Enable Download

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Summary Configuration

Summary configuration will render an additional column at the end of the table, displaying the summary of each row’s aggregation data over its pivot column values. For example, if you have an aggregation in your table, a summary would show the average across all pivoted groups.

Note that this is only available on the new data connector (called FIDO) and requires rows, values, and aggregations to be defined in your chart configuration.

Pivot Table Cell Limits

To maximize performance, the pivot table has a limit to render 1750 populated cells in the table. If you need your pivot to have more cells, reach out to Explo Support.