Data Configuration

Chart Type

You can read about this section here.


This section is for the x axis grouping of the heat map.


This section is for the field you wish to aggregate the heat map on.


This section is for the y axis grouping of the heat map.


This section is for filtering the chart based on certain columns. You can read about chart filtering here.


Read about the Header section here.


Read about the X Axis section here.


Read about the Y Axis section here. Download

Read about the Enable Download section here.

Heat Map Options

  • Show Chart Values: If toggled on, the value at each square will be displayed on the square in the heat map.
  • Hide Zeros: If toggled on, squares that have 0 as a value will not have a number displayed in the square.


-Gradient Type: This section allows you to choose between a linear or diverging color palette for the heap map. -Colors: You may choose either 2 (linear) or 3 (diverging) colors, as well as the value thresholds for each color. Column min/mid/max will pull the minimum, average, and maxiumum values as thresholds for those colors, whereas exact values will just use the hardcoded values.

Data Labels

Read about the Data Labels section here.


Read about the Legend section here.


Read about the Colors section here.

Read about the URL Link section here

No Data Configuration

Read about the No Data Configuration section here

Expose Underlying Data

Read about the Expose Underlying Data section here.