A Date Group Toggle can be linked to charts to configure which time interval the chart is grouped by. This allows your users to select daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views of their data.

The date group toggle can only be linked to certain charts such as bar charts and line charts. It also requires a the data to be grouped by a date field.

To configure a date group toggle, first drag the component onto the dashboard.

Example of configured Date Group Toggle

Next, select the chart you want to link, and click on the arrow beside the date field to group on. Select Date Group Toggle under user inputs.

Select the correct component from the dropdown below.

Your chart will now be configured to change based on the data group selected.




Basic Configuration

Available by accessing the Setup and Preferences tabs

Configuration OptionDescription
Filter TypeChoose whether your users can access the filter value via a dropdown or toggle element
Set the filter valuesChoose which filter values your users will have available to them
Set the default valueSet the default selected value on dashboard load
LabelSet the label for the Time Dropdown your users will see
Group LabelsChange the labels of the dropdown options that your users see
Enable Dependency SelectionWhen enabled, you may create a dependency between this element and other elements on the dashboard. When this element is dependent on an element selected, it will be disabled until a value is selected by the user.


You can now filter directly your charts in the UI elements themselves. For more information on this process, see the filtering section of the overview page.