Text Input element

What it does

The text input allows you to capture a users text input and configure the dashboard to respond to the inputted text.


Basic Configuration

Available by accessing the Setup and Preferences tabs

Configuration OptionDescription
Allowable entriesSelect between whether a user can input all characters, or just numbers in the textfield
Default ValueSet a default value for the text input available on load
LabelThis label appears above the text input and can be configured to describe how the text input should be used.
Placeholder TextThis is the message shown in the text input when no input has been written by the user yet.
Search IconThis icon can be toggled on if the text input is being used as a search bar.
Enable Dependency SelectionWhen enabled, you may create a dependency between this element and other elements on the dashboard. When this element is dependent on an element selected, it will be disabled until a value is selected by the user.

Variable Usage

In the SQL query, use the following syntax

--- search bar usage: If you wish to use this text input element as a search bar for,
--- a data table, you can configure the SQL editor like this, and the user will be
--- able to search the table based on column_1
[[AND column_1 = {{text_input1}}]]


You can now filter directly your charts in the UI elements themselves. For more information on this process, see the filtering section of the overview page.