Time Dropdown element

What it does

This element allows your users to select time periods in your dashboards.

Example of configured Time Dropdown


Basic Configuration

Available by accessing the Setup and Preferences tabs

Configuration OptionDescription
Set Filter ValuesIn this section, you can add and reorder options your users can select from. You choose the name of the value (ex. Last 7 days) and the minutes that represents (ex. 10,080).
Default ValueSet the default selection for the Time Dropdown
LabelSet the label your users see for the dropdown
Enable FilteringAllow your users to search within the dropdown for values
Enable Clearing SelectionAllow your users to clear the dropdown with an X
Use Portal for PopoverWhen enabled, prevents the dropdown options from being hidden when overflowing. Applicable to both overflow from a container and the embed component itself.
Enable Dependency SelectionWhen enabled, you may create a dependency between this element and other elements on the dashboard. When this element is dependent on an element selected, it will be disabled until a value is selected by the user.

Variable Usage

In the SQL query, use the following syntax

[[AND DATE_DIFF(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), timestamp, MINUTE) < {{time_period_dropdown_1}}]]


You can now filter directly your charts in the UI elements themselves. For more information on this process, see the filtering section of the overview page.